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At CHJ Clinic we’re able to offer specific assessment and treatment for your sports related injury. From orthopaedic and muscle testing to diagnosing tendon, ligament and joint injury, we’re able to form a treatment plan and prescribe rehabilitation exercises.

With opportunities to take part in a vast array of sports and activities now within reach of most, the types of injury that can occur is equally as varied. It takes experience and accurate testing to get to the source of a lot of sports injury, at CHJ Clinic we can offer this.


Sport and sports injury have played a key role in the development of CHJ Clinic. It’s founder, Charlie, qualified as a fitness instructor prior to training as an osteopath and it was a sports injury that first took Charlie to his osteopath and thus inspired him to train himself.

More than just sports injury.

Although the title suggests treatment is focused on all things sports injury, it is so much more. From a tendon or ligament to muscle strain and tears, injuries can happen in an infinite number of ways, our go is to get you back on track whatever the mode of injury.


A key part of recovery and strengthening from any injury or symptoms is exercise. Appropriately prescribed, monitored and developed rehab exercises are often the source of not only a quicker, fuller recovery, it’s also the best form of prevention for future injury or symptoms.

At CHJ Clinic you’ll be given a personalised rehab programme with access to online guidance and exercise images. You will be guided through when and how to get back to your normal routine and what can be done to reduced any chance of set backs.

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